Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great Day!!

SERONOK..itu yg mampu ku luahkn untuk hari nie..
CELCOM dh paid my money back!!huhuhuhu...
last two month sign up Broadband with celcome..
and coverage kat my place tak berapa bagus so i decide to give up with celcome and i fill termination form..
they said will get the money back within 2month!!
OMG lama giler kot..
ati terbakar..
tp ku tahankan jugak...
then dorg ada mention ckp nanti akan kena potong la sana sket sni sket.
but today receive the cheque..
mang langsung tak kena potong..hahaha
total amount RM100.00...
tgu lama pon berbaloi2...hahaha
thnks Celcom...;)

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