Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Perasaan itu ada....

The feeling is exist dear...but now..i have to let it go...
gila la aku nie...
ape yg aku dh buat ekk?
is this true?or just imaginasi semata2?
but now..
Tinggal Kenangan..huhuhu..no more friend..huhuhuh
see 10 years later??
takpela...100 years later pon no worries what..
who am i ??
important in his life?
sure not laa..
crazy u mish..
kena love spell ke?hahahhahaha
focus to who are really appreciate u now k..
he's there..yes he's the one...
waiting for u..
here i come....; )

Filem Asal : Gila2 org Gila..hahahhaha

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